School of Environment


BSc (Hons) Ecology and Environmental Biology

This degree is designed for biologists who wish to understand how plants, animals and microorganisms function and interact with their environment.This knowledge is fundamental for effective management and conservation of natural and agricultural ecosystems, and for understanding the response of organisms to environmental change.

BSc (Hons) Environmental Earth Sciences

The Environmental Earth Science degree will provide you with a range of highly valuable transferable skills, a rigorous academic training, as well as insights into practical, social economic and environmental issues. You will develop your perspective and research skills in a supportive academic structure that encourages the use of imagination and observation to solve real problems affecting people and environments.

BSc (Hons) Environment and Development

This degree is designed to develop core knowledge and skills, while also allowing you to follow particular interests in environmental and development studies. It includes some exposure to natural science concepts in the course Environmental Change: Past, Present and Future. The other environment-related courses build upon this understanding of the natural world but adopt a social science perspective.

BSc (Hons) Environmental Management

This course explores our environment, discovering how humans interact with environmental systems, and how these systems can be managed sustainably. You will learn a variety of environmental management tools and methods, and examine how they can be applied in business and by government and planning authorities at global, regional and local levels.

BSc (Hons) Agricultural and Livestock Sciences

The course will develop your scientific understanding of the nutrition, physiology and production of animals and how they interact with their physical environment. This scientific approach is combined with modules in business management so that you also gain an understanding of how to manage groups of animals from a business and consultancy perspective. As part of our applied approach, teaching and field trips involve staff from a wide range of commercial businesses.

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