BSc (Hons)Physical and Professional Education

Duration: 3 years

Course details

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a concurrent degree path towards qualification as a teacher. This means that students study both pedagogy (the theory and practice of teaching) and their subject specialism(s) in tandem, one frequently informing and enriching the other.


Year 1

  • Education: Purposes, Principles, Practice

  • Education: Learning and Teaching

Year 2

  • Pedagogy I: The Nature of Learning and Teaching

  • School Experience (placement)

  • Pedagogy II: Differentiation, Assessment and Progression

Year 3

  • Pedagogy Across the Curriculum

  • School Experience (placement)

  • Differences and Identities

  • Partnership: Theory and Practice

Entry requirements

  • GCE A-level: BBB
  • IB Diploma: 32 points
  • BTEC (Level 3): DDM

Career possibilities

Your degree and teaching qualification will qualify you to enter into a wide variety of other professional roles, such as corporate training and development, museum and leisure education, educational psychology, translation or media, as well as other career routes less closely allied to teaching.

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