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BA (Hons) Business and Management

This course provides you with the skills, knowledge, and insight to work in the business sector. It focuses on specialist modules including financial accounting, management accounting, business finance, financial management, strategic management accounting, and international financial reporting. It provides the essential skills to manage a business.

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Study Britannia specialises in the renowned British education selecting the right UK university, boarding, and language schools for EU and international students. Our experienced consultants will help you to choose the right course, university or school,  assisting you throughout the application process. They will help you prepare your personal statement,  your academic CV, and all the documentation needed.

Study Britania able to provide support and guidance with:

University Selection

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Assessment preparation at every level

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Planning to study and choosing a course is an exciting moment in your life. Getting the right financial advice and support is a crucial step in the decision-making process. Our dedicated student counselors would be happy to assist you to choose the right program which best suits your professional goals.

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Importance of choosing business and management

Learn from industry guest speakers and real-world business scenarios

Choose to specialize in your preferred business area of interest, from Marketing to Human Resource Management to Operations Management

Gain valuable on-the-job experience through an optional placement year or internships

Work on a research or consultancy project

Be exposed to future employers through industry links

Graduate with an accredited degree

Reasons to study Business and Management in UK

  • Employment opportunities: Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur wanting to start your own business or you’re thinking of seeking traditional employment after you complete your studies, business is a subject that will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed

  • Work experience placements: Finding placements for work experience while you study is a great way to get your CV off to a flying start and make you more appealing to future employers. This is particularly important in competitive job areas to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • An international setting: A vibrant, multicultural city, London attracts students from all over the world and has a uniquely varied atmosphere. In fact, more international students study in London than in any other city worldwide.

  • Transferable skills:business course leaves you with wide-ranging skills that can be applied to many different careers. Studying business gives you a solid grounding in highly valued skills like communication, problem-solving, decision making, and the ability to present information.

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