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BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging 

This Bachelor degree mixes academic rigor (one third of the course) with practical skills (two thirds of the course) in photography, video and digital imaging. Throughout the course, you will build up a portfolio that will demonstrate your ever-improving artistry and open up opportunities for a creative and rewarding career. You will receive excellent support from tutors who have well-established reputations, both as professional photographers and as academic researchers into the theory and history of photography. They will also give regular feedback on your work, encouraging you to explore creative ideas and to develop your own approach to the subject.

BA (Hons) Art and Design 

This course provides the essential skills in art and design. It includes a series of practical assignments that builds towards a portfolio, culminating in an exhibition of the student’s work. This course has a clear emphasis on skills acquisition, exploration and practice. You will develop practical, creative and critical techniques, as well as producing and analyzing sophisticated pieces of art and design. The main topics that are introduced are 3D, Visual Communications, Fine Art and Multimedia but also some specialist introductions to graphics fashion, photography, film and animation.

BA (Hons) Fine Art

This course allows you to explore drawing, painting, sculpture, installation video and lens-based media and printmaking. You will learn how to develop your artistic sense and allow you to use the right skills and the right materials to express the right idea. It will also allow you to affine your intellectual, creative and technical abilities.

BA (Hons) Creative Arts

This course is an opportunity for original and practical work with the challenges of critical thought and reflection across six major subjects (of which you choose two): Art, Ceramics, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama Studies, Mixed Media Textiles, Music and Visual Design. You will develop and explore your practice in two of these disciplines under the guidance of successful practicing visual artists, poets, composers, novelists, designers and directors. You will be working with tutors who have strong professional profiles through exhibitions, publications, performances, recordings and broadcasts.

BA (Hons) History of Art

The course covers wide-ranging aspects of the visual arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, the graphic arts, photography and other visual media, as well as museum history and the relationship between high art and visual culture.

BA (Hons) Fashion Product and Promotion

During the course, you will engage with a broad range of Fashion Promotion projects and creative activities: including Styling, Communication, Branding, Marketing, Trend, social media and e-commerce, Film & Photography, Strategic Planning, Visual Merchandising and PR. It covers three main subjects: Fashion: concepts, theories and hands – on projects, Product: understanding garment construction and the fashion design process, and designing leather goods, Promotion: branding, marketing, retail concepts and consumer research.

BA (Hons) Game and App Design

This course covers the conceptual, visual and digital development of games and you will be given an industry perspective that will equip you to seek employment in the trade. You will be designing and developing games. The course provides a strong visual and creative base, supported by digital modelling, set within a professional framework for the development of games concepts. You will be encouraged to operate as a games designer and will be given the creative freedom and necessary skills to develop your own ideas.

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

The course provides you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to work within the creative industries or progress to a postgraduate programme of study. It is delivered through studio practice, specialist media workshops and a lively series of lectures and seminars designed to provide an informed understanding of contemporary graphic design practice. There are also opportunities for focused study in typography, illustration and photography.

BA (Hons) Community Music

On this programme you will discover your strengths as a community musician and educator. Specialist modules and placements in a range of relevant contexts and environments will enable you to experience first-hand how you can use music to positively impact people’s lives. As a well-rounded musician, you will participate in a vibrant musical community alongside performers and composers. There are no formal written examinations: assessment is through portfolios, presentations, performances and written submissions.

BA (Hons) Dance

In this course, you will develop your dance creativity in both practice and theory. Studying Contemporary Dance taught by expert dance artists, teachers and researchers in a stimulating environment is where you get to develop your creative interests. Choreography is central to your studies and is explored in a variety of ways including solo and group work, site-specific, screen dance and mobile technologies options.

BA (Hons) Drama

The Drama degree provides you with the knowledge base and practical foundation to enable you to explore your performance interests for drama. During your degree, you will explore historical and contemporary performance modes through a combination of practice and theory. You will develop the skills to articulate and argue a position through writing, and you will use your own performance work as a way of exploring questions about the world we live in.

BA (Hons) Music

Explore music from different cultures and traditions and create your place in today’s rapidly changing musical landscape. Develop your own interests with specialist pathways in composition, performance, ethnomusicology and technology. With a focus on performance and creative practice, you will gain the practical, critical and technical skills to expand your understanding of music in all its forms. The breadth of this course will equip you for a variety of music-related careers.

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