School of Society and Community


MSc Advanced Practice in the Human Services

This programme will help you develop your leadership skills. You will be able to get responsibilities for health and social care of children, patients, and service users. Thanks to this programme you will practise compassion and resilience and gain critical understanding of research methodologies. You will also be able to evaluate, synthesise and generate the findings of a research.
The programme will provide you with opportunities for networking and developing an advanced practice community. You will learn to inspire yourself and others to become ingenious in critical situations.

MA Education (Children & Young People)

The programme will allow you to develop skills and knowledge of counselling with children, young people and their families. It provides content and context that relates directly to educational work in a large range of institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, public sectors organisations…The assessment to this Master includes essays, case studies, self-reflective log books, critical reviews, video recorded role plays and oral presentations.

MA Criminology and Criminal Justice

The programme is made for students who want to acquire a thorough understanding of the more recent and often complex trends and developments in crime and criminal justice. Combining theoretical reflection and practical application, the aims to the course is to provide you with an opportunity to specialise in the latest developments in criminology, criminal justice and governance studies.

The assessment to this Master includes lectures, essays, case studies, self-reflective discussion allowing you to develop your own ideas as well as a dissertation of a topic of your own choice.

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