School of Media and Journalism


MA Media Production (Film and TV)

The Media Production (Film and TV) Master is using a combination of theoretical, critical and creative engagement. You will practice both a textual and historical approach to the study of film and television.
You will work on group production projects which will be supported by workshops, studio sessions, tutorials and seminars, as well as master classes led by industry professionals.

MA Journalism

Journalism is an intensive course that trains you to write and research like a journalist. It covers media ethics and law, reporting and public affairs, shorthand, sub-editing and production.
You will develop strong working knowledge of the media industry and the principal contemporary theories of media and culture, along with an ability to develop professional writing skills across journalistic aspects.
Courses are taught through a combination of newsroom workshops, seminars and tutorials. You will work on projects both on your own and

MA Public Relation PT

This programme involves a mix of journalism, business and marketing, social networking and communication theory, giving you a competitive edge in this fast-moving industry. The aim of this formation is to develop your critical reflection about the role of public relation and to gain practical skills for Public relation planning and implementation.
You will either work in group and alone to prepare presentations and a dissertation project. You will get the opportunity to explore communication across different forms of media, including writing blogs and communicating through other forms of media such as twitter.

MSc Media and Communication

The MSc Media and Communications programmes offer an intensive, year-long exploration of a wide range of contemporary issues in media and communications. They aim to provide a broad-based understanding of the development and forms of media and communications in relation to political economy, regulation and power, production and organisation, processes of mediation and influence, communication content and audience response. They offer an up-to-date engagement with diverse theoretical, conceptual and empirical developments in research on media and communications through a mix of compulsory and optional courses and an independent research project.

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