MSc Health Sciences

Duration: 1 year

Course details

The aim to this formation is to give you knowledge and skills to understand global burden and major determinants of any diseases. You will also be able to conduct statistical analysis and to interpret studies.
You will develop both your independent and critical thinking skills. This master will also give you the skills you need to address and find innovative solutions to complex problems in healthcare, meeting the current and future challenges in healthcare.

Classes you will attend

  • Health Research Methods

  • Principles of Clinical Neuroscience

  • Epidemiology for Public Health

  • Biomedical Practical on Brain Function

  • Principles of Nutrition

Entry requirements

Minimum entry is a 2:2 Honours degree in Health science or any relating area.

At least one satisfactory reference.

Career possibilities

This formation provides a large opportunity of career. The three most popular career tracks are environmental health, biostatistics, and health administration.

You can expect to have these following positions after you graduate:

  • Health service administration
  • Nutritionist
  • Public health and occupational therapist

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