School of Health and Medical Science


MSc Nursing

This formation is an innovative programme suitable for any degree-level practising nurse who wishes to follow a flexible modular pathway towards a master’s degree or postgraduate diploma. The MSc Nursing Studies (Advanced Nursing Practice) degree is for nurses working at an advanced level who wish to gain a postgraduate award and recognition of their advanced nursing status.
You will assist to taught lessons as well as independent research and self-directed study.

MSc Health Sciences

The aim to this formation is to give you knowledge and skills to understand global burden and major determinants of any diseases. You will also be able to conduct statistical analysis and to interpret studies.
You will develop both your independent and critical thinking skills. This master will also give you the skills you need to address and find innovative solutions to complex problems in healthcare, meeting the current and future challenges in healthcare.

MSc Environmental Management and Assessment

The course is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the leading chartered body for Health and Safety professionals. It brings both Environmental Management and health and Safety together.
The full-time course requires around 40 hours of study per week, every week for 13 months.

MSc Drug Discovery and Development

This program covers advanced pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis, drug design, pharmacology, and proteomics and pharmacogenomics courses. You will also develop skills in regulatory processes for medicine, in line with ICH guidelines. It is a direct response to employers’ search for postgraduate students who have a mix of theoretical and practical skills and who wish to push boundaries in drug development.
With this program you will assist to lectures, seminars, group tutorials as well as case study and practical assessment.

MSc Pharmaceutical Formulations

This programme deals with biopharmaceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals. It covers drug delivery systems for large molecules such as proteins, genes and anticancer drugs that offer innovative ways to improve the health and wellbeing of our society. It also teaches advanced formulations and delivery of small drug molecules. There is a focus on nanotechnology, dosage forms, pharmacokinetics and statistical methods used in data analysis.
Assessment methods include lectures, online tests and coursework, which includes oral and poster presentations. You will also have laboratory work in group or alone.

MSc Clinical Pharmacology

This programme covers how to apply clinical pharmacological, regulatory and ethical principles to the optimisation of therapeutic practice and clinical research. You will be able to develop your research skills, knowledge of clinical drugs as well as molecular pharmacology and toxicology.
Assessment methods include lectures, online tests and coursework, which includes oral and poster presentations. You will also have laboratory work in group or alone

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