School of Engineering


MSc Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunication engineering is a combination of electrical engineering and computer science. It covers the design, installation and maintenance of networks and equipment, allowing for the interconnectivity of devices and people. It’s one of the world’s most rapidly developing industries.
You will gain mathematical and statistical knowledge which will allow you to evaluate networks and assess their performances.

MSc Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineers are creative innovators that revolutionise the way we live and are highly skilled in research, design, technology, processes and equipment. Industry-relevant modules such as Design for Manufacturing and Manufacturing Automation mean you’ll be well-prepared for employment in the sector.
Throughout the year you will assist to teaching lectures, industrial visits, seminars, practical cases, tutorials and project work.

MSc Electrical Power Engineering

This formation will allow you to develop knowledge of industry standard computer aided design and analysis techniques appropriate to electrical power such as the use of software packages such as MagNet, MATLAB, Simulink, PSpice and ERACS.
The course comprises a mixture of lectures, tutorials, coursework and practical laboratory classes. You will research a specialist topic of your choice through an in-depth project. Innovative educational techniques are designed to equip you with practical design skills and research methodologies.

MSc Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering graduate students are highly valued and in great demand. The Aeronautical Engineering Master is ideal for students seeking employment in the aeronautical sector and for practising aerospace engineers who want to extend and update their skills.
Modes of delivery of the Master in Aeronautical Engineering include lectures, seminars and tutorials and allow students the opportunity to take part in lab projects and team work. You will attend taught courses and take part in laboratory-based assignments and field visits. You will be further assessed in coursework, report writing and oral presentations.

MSc Aircraft Structure

This Master teaches how to design aircraft components to ensure airworthiness and to understand the loading that aircraft must be able to withstand. The demands on aircraft components are extremely robust; as they must adhere to the extreme loads and stresses the vehicle is exposed to, as well as rigorous safety standards. You will learn the required skills and techniques to design aircraft components, as well as understand the theory behind them.
You will be taught six modules which include lectures, tutorials and practical work on a weekly basis.  The expected timetable per module will be a total of 200 hours, which includes 40 hours of scheduled learning and teaching hours and 160 independent study hours.

MSc Mechanical Manufacturing

This programme will help you develop contemporary manufacturing techniques required to remain at the forefront of this vital and enduring sector. The course aims to provide a solid background for a career in the engineering and manufacturing sector. You will work with academic staff with industrial experience spanning a broad range of engineering areas and working levels. Taught elements include design, stress and fluid dynamics analysis, as well as using state of the art commercial software CATIA V5, ABAQUS and ANSYS.
The Master includes lectures, seminars and tutorials and allows students the opportunity to take part in lab projects and team work. You will attend taught courses and take part in laboratory-based assignments.

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