MA Art Practice

Duration: 1 year

Course details

As your creativity matures, this programme will allow you to hone your talent through the application of contemporary and traditional methods, reflective approaches and attitudes as you advance as an affective artistic practitioner. In addition you will have the opportunity to expand your skills into new subject disciplines as you develop your ideas into images and objects.

With this Master you will work with experienced designers and have the opportunity to learn new skills in many areas such as painting, drawing, photography, animation… You will also be able to learn about the methods and protocol through supervised study cases.

Classes you will attend

  • Live electronic performance

  • Digital art practice

  • Film making

  • Creative writing

  • Experimental music

  • Creative enterprise

Entry requirements

You need a good undergraduate degree in a related discipline such as art or design or a significant body of practical work and/or written work in the field of the arts, that demonstrates competencies equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.

Career possibilities

You can expect to have these following positions after you graduate:

  • Artist/Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Theatrical prop makers
  • Game designers.

Apply Now

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