School of Art and Design 


MA Photography

The program is based in the still image and gives an interdisciplinary approach which encourages students to explore the ever-expanding boundaries of the photographic medium to develop a distinctive body of work that is contextualized within a wider critical framework. By the end of the course, you will have prepared a substantial portfolio of creative and written work and have participated in a public exhibition and a publication.
MA Photography prepares you to research, develop and produce an individual fine art project to a high exhibition standard. You will also have developed the practical, critical and conceptual skills needed to work at a high level in related areas of photography and media practice. The course will also bring you a critical and professional understanding of the contemporary photography and fine art sectors which will prepare you for a number of career directions within the arts and media.

MA Art Practice

As your creativity matures, this programme will allow you to hone your talent through the application of contemporary and traditional methods, reflective approaches and attitudes as you advance as an affective artistic practitioner. In addition you will have the opportunity to expand your skills into new subject disciplines as you develop your ideas into images and objects.
With this Master you will work with experienced designers and have the opportunity to learn new skills in many areas such as painting, drawing, photography, animation… You will also be able to learn about the methods and protocol through supervised study cases.

MA Design Practice

You will be able to mature your creativity and hone your talent through the use of current and traditional methods.
Thanks to this course you will develop knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and business as well as managing a project. You will also learn skills related to running your own design practice.

Graphic Design and Typography

Further your professional practice in graphic communication. Learn to challenge preconceived ideas and develop a truly innovative approach to your work. You’ll be supported by practising designers and work on self-directed and industry-driven projects, while also honing your research skills.

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