School of Computing


MSc Affective Computing

This course offers students a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of intelligent, emotionally interactive technologies as they come to fruition in the industry and marketplace over the next 10 years. Utilising emergent technologies, such as wearable and mobile devices, and Big Data, the course combines theory and practice, as it prepares students to seize the opportunity to create innovative computers that are powerful, customisable, adaptive, and responsive to their users.
We use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods which include lectures, group work, research, discussion groups, seminars, tutorials and practical laboratory sessions.
Assessment methods include individual written reports and research papers, practical assignments and the Masters project.

MSc Computer Science

The computing sector is continuously evolving, so the need to develop and maintain your skills to ensure you remain at the leading-edge is essential. This programme is designed for graduate students from computing disciplines to take the next step and hone their skills to meet contemporary industrial and commercial needs by studying essential core subjects and specialist, modern, in-demand areas.
You will have the opportunity to study a variety of skills in depth ranging from commercial programming and mobile application development to computer networking. Courses are Lecture/tutorial and practical sessions with additional online modules allowing you to continue independent learning through a variety of approaches.

MSc Network Systems

Thanks to this program you will gain hands-on experience of building and testing networks in our specialist labs, which are packed with Cisco equipment.
The course mixes taught elements with independent research and supportive supervision. We use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods which include lectures, group work, research, discussion groups, seminars, tutorials and practical laboratory sessions.

MSc Data Sciences

The Data Science MSc degree will provide you with the practical skills needed to effectively assemble, collate, store, manage and analyse data required for data science projects and the critical judgement to decide the appropriate statistical and computational data modelling and analysis techniques to evaluate data science activities and projects.

MSc Business Computing

Business and commerce have an increasing need for IT-enabled decision makers and business-aware IT professionals. This postgraduate degree is designed to meet that need. The degree aims to give students a firm grounding in the knowledge, skills and understanding of computing, software development with a user-centric approach and the global business environment.

MSc Professional Software Development

The MSc Professional Software Development  is a conversion course designed for highly motivated graduates with a good honours degree in any discipline, with no more than 50% computing content. This course is targeted at those graduates who are interested in advancing their existing degree to gain expert knowledge of software development and those who wish to enter the software industry.

MSc Cyber Security

With the dramatic increase in high-profile cyber security incidents reported in the media, the demand for highly skilled security professionals is growing significantly as businesses across the globe seek to protect their networks and data. A MSc Cyber Security provides you with a critical understanding of information governance and assurance, combined with technology risk management practices. In addition to developing the key skills for handling security incidents, you will learn how to identify new and existing threats and the methods by which to reduce them.

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