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MSc Digital Marketing

The one-year postgraduate degree has been designed in line with the requirements of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and its content reflects the very latest developments in the field, including location-based marketing, user experience, customer journey mapping and mobile marketing. It focuses on the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be successful in modern marketing and you’ll build a portfolio of materials to present to future employers including created web content, video content, profile infographics, customer journey maps, campaign proposals and analytics.

MA Human Resource Management

You will study a range of HR topics, such as talent management, managing organisational change, and employment law. When you successfully complete the course you will have fulfilled part of the requirements for professional membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.
The emphasis in the classroom is on blending theory and practice, problem diagnosis and the selection of managerial tools to provide the best fit with the situation. Classes are often run on a workshop basis, as well as drawing on the expertise of the tutors. You will also have the opportunity to develop essential HR practitioner skills by attending a series of practical workshops.

MBA Master of Business Administration

An MBA is an internationally respected business qualification. In one year you will develop a strategic understanding of all aspects of managing a successful business. You will study a broad range of topics, from financial management to operations, global strategy to leading people. The course prepares you for senior roles; your aim is to accelerate your progress towards well-paid positions of leadership.
Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, class discussions, case studies, group work, presentations and applied study. Your progress will be assessed with the dissertation and assignments, as well as exams in some topics.

Master of Business Management MBM

MBM Master of Business Management is a challenging course which will deliver the skills and knowledge you need for a successful managerial career. You will study a broad range of business topics, including operations, financial management, marketing, corporate strategy, leadership, and managing people. This course is an excellent option for graduates who do not have the required work experience for an MBA. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and interactive sessions in which you will work in groups on concepts and practical tasks. Your progress will be assessed with assignments, reports, presentations, and peer- and self-assessment.

MA Marketing

MA Marketing draws on the latest marketing research to provide you with a highly practical postgraduate degree. You’ll study the latest thinking in strategic marketing management, and also have the option to study topics such as e-marketing, consumer research, and international marketing. This degree is ideal for marketers who are ready to take the next step in their careers or professionals in other fields who want to move into marketing.
Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, class discussions, case studies, group work, presentations and applied study. Your progress will be assessed with the dissertation and assignments, as well as exams in some topics.

MSc Business with Financial Management

Working in a large, modern, international organisation, a medium sized company or even a small start-up firm requires a range of business capabilities. The most valuable employees are those who combine an understanding of the various parts of a business with the skills of being a quick learner and team player with leadership potential. The MSc Business with Financial Management programme will give students the general business knowledge and understanding as well as the personal skills needed for a wide variety of roles.

MSc Business with Marketing Management

The programme is designed around a set of modules that are common to all our ‘Business with’ Masters pathways. These modules cover general business functions, strategic management and organisational analysis, developing your strategic awareness, leadership potential and understanding of the theory and practice of international business. In the second semester you will be given the opportunity to specialise in Marketing Management.

MSc Business Innovation with International Technology Management

MSc in International Technology Management is designed for those wishing to take a leading role in managing innovation and technological change in an international environment. It is suitable for those from a wider range of educational backgrounds and work experience.

MSc Finance and Management

This MSc is a specialised Masters, which provides in-depth knowledge of key finance and management concepts, offering a powerful boost to your future career progression. During the course, we encourage collaborative working through Peer Action Learning Sets. As a member of a Learning Set, you will share practical and academic experiences and reflect critically on case studies, debates and problems.

MSc International Business

By exploring the extent and limitations as well as the benefits and risks of globalisation, this programme will enable you to develop a systematic understanding of the globalised environment in which modern businesses and economies must operate.

LLM International Criminal Law

This LLM course covers the concepts and enforcement of international criminal law; it focuses on international crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of international criminal courts and tribunals (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression). The core principles, law, and institutions of international criminal law are contextualised against international law and human rights, and international humanitarian law.
This LLM will allow you to study the five separate objectives used in enforcement of Criminal Law; retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and restitution taught.

LLM International Human Rights

The aim of this formation is to provide an introduction to the protection of human rights in international law. It will focus on the challenges facing the international legal system in securing respect for human rights standards. The programme will explore why securing effective protection of human rights through the international legal system is so difficult. The various international mechanisms for the protection of human rights will be considered, with a particular emphasis on the political, social, cultural and economic constraints operating upon those systems.
You will analyse and critically evaluate features of international human rights law, including fundamental concepts, values, principles and rules, and the main institutions and procedures. You will also learn to evaluate complex legal issues, communicate complex and abstract ideas.

LLM International Commercial Law

This programme will allow you to develop knowledge in the area of international commercial law. You will also be able to develop expertise in complex commercial, competition and trade regulation. The aim of this formation is to help you gain professional analytical and critical skills in the international commercial law field.
The LLM consists in both compulsory and optional modules. This programme enables you to develop expertise in a large range of commercial law subjects providing you with a strong foundation for your future career.

LLM Commercial Law

The LLM in Commercial Law gives you the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to gain a real advantage in your career – whether you are a law graduate or practising lawyer looking to specialise or add another area of expertise. With a broad spectrum of business law modules, you will address the key legal and regulatory issues of today and tomorrow.

MA Human Right

The MA in Human Rights, Culture and Social Justice is taught in the Department of Sociology, where there are a number of people who are working on areas broadly related to human rights as well as directly on how human rights are constructed and claimed.

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