Social Sciences

Duration: 1 year

Course details

The International Foundation Program takes place at the University of Kent, and students are full members of the University with access to University accommodation and all academic, welfare, social and sport facilities on campus. The University of Kent has been offering international foundation programs for over 20 years. The Program is taught by highly qualified University of Kent tutors and leads to a range of degree programs in the Social Sciences and including pathways to Law and Business.

Classes you will attend

  • Research, analyse and evaluate date critically

  • Understand complex issues holistically

  • Evaluate issues on individual, cultural and societal levels

  • Understand the processes of change

  • Understand people, customers, institutions and their relationships

  • Question assumptions and apply logic

  • Make reasoned arguments and communicate concisely

Entry requirements

English language skills – ensure that your English language proficiency and IELTS score is up to standard, and increase your confidence through speaking English every day for a whole year before you start your undergraduate studies

Academic knowledge – bridge the gap between overseas qualifications and those required by UK universities, and gain a deeper understanding of your chosen degree subject

UK teaching methods – familiarize yourself with UK university-style teaching, from tutorials to lectures, as well as learning valuable study skills

Time to settle in – it gives you time to find your feet, adjust to UK culture, get to know Sheffield, the university campus and teaching staff, and to make friends in the city before you begin your undergraduate studies, giving you a head start

Career possibilities

  • Business analysts
  • Teachers
  • Legal professionals
  • Researchers
  • Recruitment and management consultants
  • Accountants
  • Town planners
  • Social and community workers
  • Insurance brokers

Apply Now

If you need more information, please contact us on 020 3302 7144 or on our CONTACT page to discuss your requirements.