Do you need to to learn or improve your English before applying for the University?

Study Britannia collaborates with English schools, specially made on a spectrum of proficiency levels; from beginners to advanced level speakers. The courses are an excellent opportunity for those who need to prove their English for general purposes, university or professional area.

What you can study:
  • The courses will help you to develop practical communication skills, with special emphasis on speaking, pronunciation, grammar and listening
  • Elementary level of English A2, Low intermediate level B1, High intermediate level B2, Advanced level C1
  • 48 comprehensive hours of study in total, stretched over 8 weeks for 6 hours per week. This makes the course convenient and flexible to fit your personal timetable
  • Our Partner schools provide a helpful, friendly and welcoming learning environment taught by highly skilled teaching staff

Also, our partner schools, The Language Fair and London School of Business offer IELTS preparations. Once gained the English proficiency, international applicants with IELTS can apply to the UK, and other universities in English countries, or have the choice in a wide variety of career opportunities.
Please find more information about IELTS courses on our IELTS Support page at Study Britannia.

Contact The Language Fair at:
T: 020 7018 3710

Contact London School of Business at:
T: 020 3305 8124

Need help choosing a course?

Choosing the right course is an essential part of your future success.
Our consultants are happy to assist you in selecting the course that best suits your professional goals.

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