COVID – 19 suddenly has appeared in our life. The whole world is hit by the virus; the consequences are weakened economy, social isolation, increase in layoffs, and instability in the majority of the industries. All of that lead that people worry about their jobs. Besides, at these unprecedented times, the fear of losing your job is relevant. The good thing is that some steps can guide you to secure your career. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that following these steps you will not face a layoff, but it is still worth it to try everything you can. Here are the 5 steps that you can prevent you from unemployment.

  1. Interest in the state of the company and offering help.

Surely, every company informs its employee about the current situation and position, plans, strategies for coping with the crisis, and so on. However, there is a small detail that you need to bear in mind. Wherever you go, whatever you do, the rule for asking questions is on the top of the list. Hence, show an interest in the state of the company, show empathy, and most importantly offer your help. Here is the situation: you have a conversation with your boss, and he/she shares with you that there is a task to do but it requires an extra person to do it, your win-win move would be if you offer your help. Thus, your boss will appreciate it and it will be taken for consideration if there a reviewing your employment status.

  1. Adaptability and flexibility.

Prior to the pandemic, not every company has the system to work from home. But this has changed and the majority of the businesses have started to work remotely. Thus, the essentiality to work efficiently from home as in the office is the determining factor. Not only is the adaptability the core skill to polish, but flexibility as well. If you demonstrate that you can get the tasks done from your home with flexibility, your chances of securing the job might increase sharply.

  1. Fresh and creative ideas.

People who suggest ideas and demonstrate creativity are always a vital asset to every company. But right now, these qualities of a person are more appreciated than ever. It has been noticed that organisations around the world reveal creative ideas and campaigns in order to keep the business running amid a pandemic. The fact that it should not be forgotten is that a brave person stays behind the great idea or campaign.

  1. Learning new skills or improving current skills.

There is a saying that successful people learn something new every day, and do not stop do educate themselves. Well, this saying is more than relevant now.  If before the pandemic the most common excuse was a lack of time, now it is not pertinent. So here is the time when new skills related to your job can be learned, or improve the current ones. Such efforts of improving your skills will help you shine at the company.

  1. Network with your colleagues.

It is essential to strengthening your relations with colleagues at every time which will lead to robust teamwork. Networking with colleagues at these times will help you feel more comfortable at work and feel a part of the team.