There are many factors prospective students have to take into consideration when choosing what university to apply for, it is important to note that student accommodation can be one of the main factors that contributes to student’s overall university experience. We are going to explain the pros and cons to the most popular options available for students in the UK.

Halls of Residence


Most students opt for this type of accommodation for their first year of university as they have chosen to study somewhere far away from home and they may not be familiar with the city they have chose to move to. This option may not be the cheapest but it is definitely the most convenient. It allows you to familiarise yourself with the area and also enables you to socialise with fellow classmates who could potentially become your future roommates. Halls of residence are generally located close to the university, therefore this can save you the hassle of travel.

This tends to be the pricier option for students which is why they tend to move out second year to reduce the cost once they are more familiar with their surroundings.

Private sector halls of residence


These a privately owned house that are associated with the university.

The main difference between the 2 is that you will see more students and resident from different background that may not go to the same university as you. This is a slightly more expensive route but the accommodation tends to be better in terms of size and appearance. The location for this type of accommodation is not too far from the university and If you are going through clearing or missed the deadline for applying to your university halls this is the second best option to have.

House/ Flat Share


Most students decide to move out in second year with other classmates or students they have met at university and rent a room so that they are comfortable roaming around the house. You can also just rent a room with other students you haven’t met before if you prefer being more reserved at home compared to a constantly social setting with your friends. This option is by far the cheapest if you live far away from home. Unfortunately, the further away from university you are the cheaper the accommodation. Just make sure for somewhere with good transport links

Stay at home


If your university is close to home, I would advice you to live at home with your parents. While you may miss out on a few events and not be as independent as other students. You won’t struggle with money as much as everyone else. However, money wise this is the cheapest option. You can save up and use your student loan to move out straight after university.

If you’re planning on studying in London. Here are a few helpful links to help you with your accommodation hunting: