The new academic year is approaching fast and it is time to find student accommodation. As a student tenant, there are many variables to look out for such as price, appearance and available appliances. Finding the right accommodation can be challenging but here lies a helpful guide to different types of accommodation for new university students:

  • Student Hall Accommodation (House/Halls)

This type of accommodation is ideal for 1st-year students as it is usually located on campus. As a result, making friends will be a breeze – so don’t worry.

Likewise, as this type of accommodation requires sharing halls, there will usually be regular cleaners and an option to be catered (depending on the university).

However,  some university halls will have ensuite type accommodations, therefore, this will be the responsibility of the student to maintain. Lastly, students will have to apply with their chosen university for this type of accommodation as it is not private so do contact them for further assistance.

(Please note that some student accommodations can be houses)

  • University Managed Accommodation – (Studio/Houses/Halls)

Students will not often find this type of accommodation located on campus yet it resembles standard student accommodation (halls/house). Nevertheless, it is still managed accommodation for your chosen university.

Additionally, managed accommodations tend to have studio living which includes facilities such as a lounge/kitchen area and an ensuite (toilet and shower) alongside their sleeping area. Houses and hall accommodation require these facilities to be shared.

  • Private Accommodation – (Studio/Halls/ Houses)

Finally, private accommodation is managed by landlords or property facilities such as estate agents, therefore, students cannot apply for these specific accommodations with their chosen university. Although this is not university given accommodation, the placement is usually located in a neighbourhood that is highly concentrated by university students and central of the university and outside facilities such as a town centre (depending on the location of the university). Furthermore, private student accommodation can sometimes be more expensive than regular student hall accommodation, so do make sure you’re clear of your budget and further expenses (WiFi, T.V. licence and bills). Additionally, council tax is not required to be paid by full-time university students as they are exempt so this should be covered by the landlord.

(Please note that some private accommodations require payment of half-price summer rent.)

Searching for university accommodation can be challenging but remember to take your time and research thoroughly to find accommodation that is right for you. Keep in mind your budget and make sure you understand your agreement before signing. Don’t forget to ask your university for advice and further information regarding accommodation as they can help. Look for reviews and read your tenancy agreement thoroughly.

Overall, enjoy your university experience – It will go quickly.

Stay safe and make new memories!