The UK welcomes every year thousands of students for academic purposes and the country is consistently increasing its popularity amongst international students. According to 2020/2021 statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, there are currently 605,130 international students pursuing a degree in the UK.

Currently, many of these international students are pursuing a Business-related degree because when it comes to Business, there are over 100 Business Schools in the UK.

Pursuing a Business degree in the UK will bring numerous benefits to international students and we have created for you the list below describing the most important ones.

1. Academic Excellence and high reputation:

Many of the Business Schools in the UK are in the Top 50 such as The University of Warwick and London School of Economics and according to CEOWORLD magazine, London Business School is ranked 1st in the world and takes the prestigious title of the world’s business school for 2022, therefore, students have a wide choice of widely regarded universities to choose from.

2. English is the global business language:

In order for a Business to succeed, good communication is required, the most important and largest companies are constantly negotiating deals across countries and meetings are taking place with individuals of different nationalities, therefore, the language they normally use for communication is English because it is the most widely spoken language in the world, and studying in an English speaking country such as the UK will be very beneficial in that aspect.

3. Shorter courses:

Undergraduate business courses in the UK take only 3 years to complete in comparison to other countries such as the US or Canada and the same level of education is being achieved and a postgraduate or master’s degree can also be completed in 1 year, as a result, the accommodation and living costs will be comparably lower.

4. Business opportunities:

Since the UK has cities like London, Edinburgh, and Manchester that are economic hubs, it also offers students and recent graduates a lot of business opportunities. Students can find internships during the summer where they can gain experience while learning from experts and working for world-renowned companies. The UK also has a system that has always encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship, making it the ideal place to start putting a plan into action if a student is planning to start a business.

5. An international perspective:

Students who come to the UK will be able to further their understanding of business alongside students who also come from different countries, and this will be able to see, from an international perspective, how a business can enter an international market. They will also gain an understanding of what will work best in a particular market.

If, after reading about all the benefits of pursuing a business-related degree in the UK, you decide that this is the correct option for you, get in touch with us, we will be pleased to assist you with the application and admissions procedures at a UK university.