We are all taught from childhood that exercise plays an important role in leading a healthy lifestyle. To encourage UK residents, the government launched an initiative, created in 2014, named The National Fitness Day. To be healthy, you should aim for at least 160 minutes of exercise, that is approx 25 minutes, a day. However, in all of this, consistency is the key!

Here are some of the short and long term benefits of exercise:

Fights Depression and Anxiety

When you exercise, the human brain releases endorphins that contribute to a positive wellbeing and mindset. Moreover, it can act as a great distraction from daily problems. It’s not a medical solution but, at the time, exercise can refresh your mind so giving you positive thinking time away from alarming feelings of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for self-motivation.

Improve Mental Health

Everything we do is dependent on the position of our minds, whether it is healthy or not. Whether it’s a football match on Tuesday night or the daily task at work, mental strength is the key for all of them. You can see the improvements in your short and long term memory. Perhaps you will find it easier to focus and learn a new skill in a limited period.

Feel Energised

People find it hard to believe the fact that daily exercise can lead to higher energy levels. Of course, you will feel a little tired after the workout but it’s only for the short term. Exercise increases the flow of our blood that results in extra energy for the day. Previous studies show that the best time for a workout is in the morning. Starting your day with exercise will increase motivation and cheer throughout the day.

Improve Quality of life

Regular exercise can significantly reduce the risk of having a heart attack, diabetes and cancer. There are more than 300,000 cases of cancer in the UK every year, and more than a million people living with t diabetes. These kinds of illnesses leave detrimental effects on your body so directly impacting your life.

Healthy Weight

One of the advantages of exercise is being a healthy weight. Alongside smoking, obesity is one of the major causes of cancer. In the UK, there is a high level of cancer cases yearly from poor diet and lifestyle. Regular physical activity and a healthy diet will help you to stay in shape and reduce major health risks.

Better sleep

Most of the studies show that exercise has a positive benefit on your sleep as it helps to strengthen your brain. It directly leads to a night of good and deep sleep as the body gets tired during the exercise.  

Aside from the facts we have discussed,  exercise can help you in many ways, for instance, you will lose weight, have low cholesterol and keep your body moving. The bottom line is, it is important to have a regular exercise routine due to the various points previously mentioned.