The decision of studying abroad is undoubtedly a bold step towards reshaping your career, to help you pursue your dreams. While the whole idea of moving to a different nation seems interesting, students do overlook the challenges that lie beneath all that excitement and freedom. Starting a new life in an entirely new place, with new people and with your family being miles away, is intimidating enough, let alone your pressures of study on top. Although you will get used to the routine, however you are bound to go through that initial stress.

There are a plethora of methods to help you reduce stress and develop a more strict focus on your program as an international student in the UK.

Getting organised is the key

Losing track of your studies, and most commonly your routine activities is considered to be an early symptom of stress. It is better to take remedial steps before it transforms into a grave issue.

In order to remain focussed and keep yourself from getting baffled, there is a need for you to organise everything in a way which declutters your life and provides clear idea of where you are heading. Keeping a track of your assignments, projects and other study related information will be helpful in reassuring yourself that everything is up to date. Moreover, that way, you can save yourself a lot of stress in planning as the semester goes on.

Peer Teaching

Curriculum shock is the biggest stressor in an international student’s life. Getting accustomed to the curriculum, modules and teaching patterns might leave you with a yen for an extra support to help you sail through. While tutors can only provide limited time outside their working hours, the best solution would be to take help from your peers.

Studying with your peers has two certain benefits –

  1. Learning without the apprehension of getting judged.
  2. Bonding with your friends, resulting in a better university life.


A lot has already been claimed about the therapeutic nature of travelling. Going through the same routine and schedule day over day opens up avenues for monotony to set in. Therefore, making plans to go out for short trips, even if it is a one day trip, it will make for a great escape from the monotonous routine. Wandering off alone will provide you with some time to reflect upon yourself, while going out with friends will help you strengthen your bond with them.

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