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3 Easy Ways to get your Startup funded

By |2020-02-14T10:58:39+00:00February 14th, 2020|Tips|

Running your own business is a great way of working as an independent individual. However, this requires financial stability which we may not always have in order to, start your business. We can’t embark on such an experience without having any support. Did you know that 29% of startup fail because of cash flow problems? [...]

What it takes to become successful?

By |2020-02-05T16:30:38+00:00February 5th, 2020|Tips|

Every entrepreneur at some point of time, will run into something, which will plummet their confidence to disconcerting levels. At some point in time, when reaching out to potential clients and customers used to be a just another ‘to-do’ errand, now feels like it is something which seems overwhelming. Something that requires great nerves to [...]

Top trends that have the potential to disrupt education Sector in 2020

By |2020-02-03T14:14:34+00:00February 3rd, 2020|Tips|

Edtech is undoubtedly a big business. One solid indicator for this would be the number of billionaires the sector has created. According to Deloitte, the Chinese education market is set to exceed £700Billion by 2025, and was responsible for bringing seven new billionaires to life. We are aware of the fact that Edtech sector is [...]

The ‘Five Hour Rule’ Could Revolutionise Your Career

By |2020-01-30T13:21:00+00:00January 30th, 2020|Tips|

When appointed with a leadership role, leaders may struggle to juggle between their professional and personal lives. With professional sphere always proving to be of greater importance, deadlines and responsibilities have received more attention. In this scenario, it is easy for business honchos to neglect their own needs and miss out on crucial opportunities to [...]

How to Deal with Uncomfortable Work Situations

By |2020-01-27T10:14:22+00:00January 27th, 2020|Uncategorized|

It is virtually inevitable for you to steer clear of certain situations that would make even the most dedicated of leaders feel at discomfort. There are numerous ways you might feel uncomfortable whilst at work. It might be a situation where you are supposed to dish out a hard-hitting fact to a fellow colleague, confessing [...]

Banking technology that Will Define 2020

By |2020-01-23T16:57:32+00:00January 23rd, 2020|Tips|

2019 was a busy year for the banking sector. With many reformative changes implemented in the previous year, it is anticipated that banking sector will perform to its utmost potential in 2020. Smarter banking with AI Almost every field has been fortunate enough to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence. From self-driving cars, verification softwares [...]