The world has witnessed a paradigm shift in almost every way it operates. From the digitalisation of businesses to artificial intelligence, everything has been fortunate enough to evolve, keeping pace with all the technological advancements happening around the globe. Like we had discussed earlier, the education sector has matured rather gracefully than immediately. The curriculum now is very different from what it used to be back in the late 20th and early 21st century.

Earlier, the focus was entirely on imparting core academic knowledge, with zero or no importance given to vocational aspects. However, with the changing world, education statistics have drastically changed as well. Universities in the UK are amongst the first ones to welcome these changes and integrate vocational training alongside the normal course curriculum. UK universities offer the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, creativity and confidence that employers look for.

Unlike earlier days, where students used to search for internships after their studies, this is not the case anymore. Internships, work placements, and other vocational training have lately become a part of studies, exposing them and giving them a taste of the corporate life that they are inevitably going to experience in the future. This will not only prepare them for it, however, it will also impart basic knowledge of what kind of culture prevails in the business sphere.

Owing to this positive change, QS global survey of graduate employers have ranked UK universities high in the employer ranking, and have deemed their courses as highly relevant.

Thus, what better time to study in the UK?