Who we are

Study Britannia was founded and established in 2014 by the business entrepreneur Shamsul Alam. We are a globally recognised education company, and our main objective is to help students gain successful admission to educational institutions abroad. We are one of the fastest-growing education services, always looking to set exemplary quality standards. Fundamentally, we want to enrich students educational experience and help them to achieve future goals.

Our students/clients

Our students are predominantly from Eastern-European countries, but of course, we welcome students from all around the world. We have students from South-Africa, France, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, India, China and many other countries. We help them through the entire process of admission; from the application forms to student finance; this ensures that our students can have the most relaxed, educational and beautiful experiences during their stay in the UK.

Our Partners

We work in conjunction with high calibre partners who allow us to help you prepare for your professional career. The universities we work with all propose special programs and courses taught by highly experienced teachers. Our partnership with HSBC Bank allows us to aid with your student finance application. We follow and stand by you during the whole process to make you feel comforted and secure.

Our Distinctive Features

We are a team of professionally trained consultants. We are members of regulatory bodies and agent associations, with certified education qualifications. Our team works with education providers, possesses local knowledge and industry specialisation. We have high success rates in admissions and Visa applications. We provide you with guidance on career planning and services for your student life, maintaining 100% honesty in taking total care of you.

Our Vision 

The objective for us is to help you have the easiest route to higher education, the highest quality of study and the most successful experience in the UK during your course. We prioritise the quality of service and efficiency, making sure you can start your study journey as soon as possible. Your future is significant to us, but to prepare you, we must work on your present. For this reason, we focus on your current situation to ensure your future is just as good or even better.

Our Community Responsibility

As we strive to do our best for our clients, we also do our best for our internal team. The company is a young and dynamic group of international people who are experts in education and universities. We all have a strong determination to help you reach your goals and always make efforts to improve our services. Since we are multi-cultural, we know how to deal with different cultures; this makes us more friendly and upbeat. It is one of our fundamental strengths.

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