7 Advantages Mature Students have at University

//7 Advantages Mature Students have at University

7 Advantages Mature Students have at University

Applying to university as a mature student can be off putting for most due to feeling like you are out of place despite this, it isn’t as rare as it might seem. In fact, there are way more advantages mature students have at university than your younger peers. Here are some of the main reasons why mature students

From what age can you be considered a mature student? Any student over the ages of 21.

1.You thought carefully about your career

Student who come out of a-levels are pressured to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. They commit to studying 3-4 year degrees, which in the end, wished they had more time and experience to decide what specific degree would have benefitted them most.

However, you know now that you ‘want’ to go into education rather than feeling the ‘need’ to and now you know what degree would be most beneficial for you.

2.Balancing work life

You’re much better at balancing work with private life than most students at university. You have an idea how to schedule your tasks throughout the year and independent study would actually be more beneficial for you.

3.You understand lectures in a different way

While some students find lectures confusing. Mature students are able to understand what your lecturers are talking about because you have dealt with similar situations in real life. You can see this from a different perspective.

4.Student discount

Every loves a discount. So use your student card for more practical purchases. You probably have an idea of what you planned on buying for a while whereas other students tend to use it and not realise how much they miss student discounts when they studied

5. You have work experience skills

You can use all the experience you gained while working and put it to use in the classroom such as having skills in writing or presentation or working in teams. Maybe you worked on a similar project in the past and now you can expand on that idea

6 Employers will be impressed

Not only have you graduated with a degree you also have some work experience and skills. This will give you the upper hand above your peers. Because employer want both qualifications and experience, and as a mature student you have both!

7 Better part time jobs

While other students are working entry level work. You will most likely be considered for more serious and better paying roles than your peers. Money will not be an issue for you.

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