Working part-time while you are at university can help you save money. Besides, you will have work experience which is valuable for your CV. We all know that hospitality and retails are the most common sectors for students to work on, but have a look at these alternatives:

  1. Working for your university

Often the best chances are right under your nose! There are plenty of opportunities to start making some cash on campus. Job vacancies at student unions are a great option because you get to see your colleagues as you get some money (though this can also be torture if you’re desperate to join in the fun!). Another good option is to work as a student ambassador for your university, where you’ll visit schools and speak to the general public about how great is your university in order to bring in new students. These positions are paid and tend to be really flexible, so you can work around your timetable and deadlines. Check the website of your university and the social media channels regularly to find out the opportunities.

  1. Personal tutor

Private tutoring is a very popular way for students to make money at university. Tutoring is a flexible work that you can do around your studies. Besides, it would look good on your CV, it will show that you have knowledge of the subject, you have the patience to do it, and you’re trusted to teach it to others. You’re going to need high grades, persistence, and a decent amount of trust working with young people to be successful at this one. The high point is that some parents will even give you a bonus if their child gets the grade they want.

  1. Resident assistant

If you live in student halls, this can be your workplace as well. Resident assistant’s tasks include:   supervising tasks, maintaining, or everything that the students have problems with. The good news is that you’re not going to repair something, but your task will be to inform the student association. Basically, the main task for a resident assistant will be to be the bridge between residents (students) and the student housing company.

  1. Babysitting

If you have experience of taking care for your younger siblings, there is a great opportunity to apply your experience. The majority of working parents need someone to pick their kids up from nursery and keep them entertained until they get home. If you are good with kids and have patience – babysitting is a good part-time job for students. Plus, you’ll have a flexible job and the earnings are pretty good too.

  1. Movie extra

There are a lot of agencies who look for TV/ movie extra. These extras are performers who don’t have lines, who are seen in the background of a shot, but who play a vital role in making a shot appear realistic. In terms of qualifications and experience, you don’t really need to be an extra – just a good work ethic and a patient attitude. Hours can be very long, and you’re frequently expected to work in a reasonably short period, but depending on your position, you might earn well over £80 a day.