Would like to build a career, a mature student, a graduate from high school wondering what your future would be… then, continue to read. Before making the decision about going to university, everyone has to ask themselves these five questions. You might have at least one friend of yours who regret their choice of programme, educational institution or whether realised that achieving higher education is not for them. Thus, think about these questions, answer them and make the decision.

  1. Why and what do I want to study?

The first question that you have to yourself is WHY you want to study. Is it because everyone goes to university, or because your parents push you to study in order to be successful? The ideal answer is that you want to do it because you think that the chosen programme will be interesting. If so, congratulations, being certain that you want to study, is the first step of finding the dream job. Besides, you probably want to spend these 3 or 4 years at university enjoying the course you study, and this is where your motivation will come from.

  1. Where do I want to study?

This question will help you to choose a university or college. You need to consider that universities are specialised in different programmes. Also, you need to research universities that provide the programme that you have chosen. For instance, in one of them the focus might be on theory, another one could be on practical, and many variations of the course. So, the main point here is to start your research in order to decide where to go to study.

  1. What are my career goals?

It is essential that your choice of course and your career goals to be linked. However, it is common that some people spend three to four years in some course that engrossed them, but in the end they choose a different career path. It cannot state that this is not right, but if you enrol in a course that is relevant to your prospective job field, would be more than beneficial for your career development.

  1. What are my career prospects?

This question is linked to the previous, but with the contrast, that you need to research about the field that you work at. Hence, whether the job is in demand, or whether the market is developed, or new. These points need to be put in place to understand more about your prospects and options. 

  1. Do you see yourself working it?

The last, but not least, do you see yourself there? It is applicable for the chosen course and for the job field you want to thrive. The common saying that if you like what you do, you will not work a day is more than verified. So, imagine yourself there, and consider if you will be a good fit. Do you think that you will enjoy every day at work, or will you get up in the morning feeling sorry for yourself and regret your choice a few years back? Thus, think, research, and make your mind because you feel it in this way.