Self-motivation is an essential drive that people require but as humans, we sometimes don’t always feel motivated. It’s required to have motivation when working, whether you are at home, the office, or even studying as we all have goals to achieve. It is important to understand yourself so you know what motivates and doesn’t motivate you. Additionally, here are 5 tips that can help you to stay more motivated throughout the day.

  • Stay organised

Keeping organised and having a structure is important when aiming to keep motivated. If your work is well structured and neat there will be no need to feel stressed so you would be inclined to perform to your maximum potential. Having a structure also allows you to plan out your day effectively so there will be a reduced chance of error when completing your work.

  • Set realistic goals

Setting a realistic goal is important as you don’t want to fall off your target. If your goal is not met, then this can cause you to feel discouraged. Therefore, sharing your goal with people you are close with is recommended as they can encourage you to keep ongoing. Perhaps you can make it fun so you’ll be heartened. Furthermore, don’t be so hard on yourself if you have not reached your goal, you can always work on finding a solution to help you reach it.

  • Create a new routine 

As previously mentioned, being motivated is important. You can stay motivated by creating a routine. Having a routine is useful as it will build a new mindset that is disciplined. Additionally, having a routine is suitable for those who are new, as they would not be “going into this blind”.

  • Regularly track yourself 

Regularly tracking yourself is ideal for acknowledging growth and progress rates. For instance, if an individual who goes to the gym regularly sees changes in their body, they would be more inclined to carry on with their journey. 

  • Perhaps you could track your progress on your smartphone so you can see your progress on the go.

Reading motivational and inspirational books can alter your mindset to think and behave accordingly. It can benefit both your progress and also your literacy levels. Therefore, self-motivation would almost become natural to you.

  • Perhaps you could read a chapter a day and make personal mini-goals you aim to achieve for the day to get you started.

To summarise, self-motivation can always be built on but you must not fall into procrastination as this will hinder your progress. Try to not make excuses and just start, as once you start, you will feel confident to carry on. Remember to always understand why you are doing it and how it can help you whenever you feel defeated as this will work as a mechanism to bring you back to a positive outlook in life. 


Good luck with achieving your goals in life.