It is no secret that women all over the world have had to fight to gain rights and equality. Education has been a long-winded battle that many countries in the world have to endure. Woman have seen a lot of inequality, discrimination and low value throughout time and even now. Education has been a matter which has been continuously fought for. Below we have listed some of the most influential women that have succeeded in their attempts to equal educational rights:

  1. Malala Yousafzai: She is a courageous Pakistani woman who is a strong advocate for female education and the youngest noble prize winner. During her teenage years there was an attempt on her life for when she was shot in the head by militants. She has faced many obstacles in the battle for woman’s educational rights however, that did not stop her from being a driving force. She created a charity which supports woman and others in education and it is called the ‘Malala Fund’.
  2. Neelam Ibrar Chattan: She has advocated for peace in Pakistan for young woman. She is from the same province as Yousafzai and during the time when the militants were taking over she launched a campaign called ‘Peace for a New Generation’. She promoted education where education was not tolerable, she provided extra- curricular activities for both female and male and created equality. Although her and her family do face obstacles she continues to strive daringly in order to help children and young adults with the education they require.
  1. Michelle Obama: There is no doubt that the former First Lady and her husband support the educational growth of every individual. They had created an organisation in 2015 called ‘Let Girls Learn’. This organisation helps those who are unable to help themselves for example those individuals in third world countries. They promote and bring awareness of the problem that females face in these countries and charitably aid them. Recently, they raised $27million for funding young women’s education in Africa.
  1. Angelique Kidjo: She is a West- African singer and is also part of UNICEF as an ambassador. She is the founder of the Batonga Foundation which promotes educational rights for girls in Africa. She utilises her talents as a singer to create change in the country supporting secondary and higher education for females by improving the educational set-up. With the finances raised she supports families by providing scholarships, increasing more chances for  enrolment, family financial support for those in education and spreading awareness.

There is much widespread adversity in the world and millions of females as well as children suffer. However, the stand that these advocates take to fight the lack of opportunity there is always hope for those who may not see a way out. Empowerment and opportunities will always flourish.