Running your own business is a great way of working as an independent individual. However, this requires financial stability which we may not always have in order to, start your business.

We can’t embark on such an experience without having any support. Did you know that 29% of startup fail because of cash flow problems? This is why you must take your precautions before making such an important decision. Therefore, we are going to give you some ways to get your startup funded!

Seek for partnership and investors

The first thing you should think of is finding some contacts, companies… that may be interested into your project.  If the idea of your business is innovative and it has a good target market, it will convince people to want to invest in your business. If you present your business plan to the investors or potential partners and they are convinced that the company is going to do well, they are most likely to make an investment. It is highly important that your business plan stands out from the crowd in order to see good results.

Join a startup incubator

If you want to start your own business, you need to figure out a workspace. Indeed, you can work remotely which will save you money. But, when you start expanding your business and start hiring employees, it would be a better idea to have your own premises as it may be disrupting when your colleagues are not around you. Renting a local premises can be very expensive, depending on how big it is and where it is located; this is why you need to research into startup incubator. Startup incubator is a way to reduce your costs, where you are able to stay for 2 years. It also allows you to have some assistance around several areas such as business basics, accounting and marketing. You would be surrounded by other startups and which will also give you the opportunity to create a professional network.


Crowdfunding is when you ask people face to face, social media or any other websites, for a small amount of money. This where you can present your project to your potential target market, where you need to be able to convince them that your idea is something of their need.

By accumulating all the money, you will slowly have a big amount that you can use for the benefit of your company.