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28 01, 2021

How to Write an Effective University Essay

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Writing academic essays can be rather daunting, but it is important that students understand how to write an effective essay. Essays are written in a structure that opens with an introduction, builds up in the main body with supported explanations and ends with a conclusion. Students [...]

22 01, 2021

University Students: Mental Health

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Starting university is an exciting opportunity for many students, it is a way to build on your academic skills and discover yourself as an individual. Nevertheless, moving away from home can potentially cause detrimental effects to your mental health, therefore, it is essential that university students [...]

20 01, 2021

Benefits of Studying in the UK

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Planning to become an international student? Here are some great reasons to convince you to study in the UK. Quality of Education The education standards and methods in the UK are considered amongst the best in the world. Due to the reputation of accouching first-class education [...]

19 01, 2021

The British School System vs The American School System

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English is a language that is taught and practised in universities in both the UK and the US. There is a correlation between the two systems and countries. However, they are quite contrary. Let us examine the different perspectives of each system. An Initial Start English [...]

15 01, 2021

Advantages of Workplace Grouping Activities

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The days are gone when the workplace is only about working from 9-5 cycles. Nowadays, employees want to have a work environment more than just a desk and catalogues on them. Most employers have begun to understand the importance of giving a productive atmosphere at work. [...]

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