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23 09, 2020

Psychological Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Revenue.

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Psychological mechanisms are used in marketing as a means to understand how consumers purchase. This is known as consumer behaviour. Digital marketers will implement these tactics as an attempt to influence consumers to want to purchase their product or service. Here are just a few tips [...]

17 09, 2020

Different types of student accommodations in London

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The new academic year is approaching fast and it is time to find student accommodation. As a student tenant, there are many variables to look out for such as price, appearance and available appliances. Finding the right accommodation can be challenging but here lies a helpful [...]

16 09, 2020

Rule of six: Universities may have to inform police if students break the rules

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As cases in the UK are currently on the rise, the UK government has decided to enforce a new rule called ‘the rule of six’. The ‘rule of six’ simply means that you can only have group gatherings of up to a maximum of 6 people [...]

8 09, 2020

How students can benefit from the covid-19 situation

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After a lot of backlash from students complaining about how universities dealt with the covid-19 situation (cancelled classes, no support for assignments, and delayed updates from the university), a lot of students found this to be a difficult time to adjust to the new normal. Unfortunately, [...]

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