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Want to study in the UK? Study Britannia specialises in the renowned British education selecting the right UK university, boarding and language schools for international students. Our experienced consultants will help you choose the right course, university or school, assisting you throughout the application process. They will help you preparing your personal statement, your academic CV and all the documentation needed. With us, you will be more likely to succeed in receiving an offer.

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We have over 2000 courses, among Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA, Foundation and English language.

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University Guides

Explore over 300 UK Universities, Colleges, Language and Boarding Schools, including course details and Universities rankings.

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Application Process

Study Britannia can help you from the first day to make your application fast, simple and successful, guiding you step by step.

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Student Finance

Student finance is available for the UK and EU students. Internatio students can apply for the scholarships.

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Join our IELTS classes to get the right level to entry a UK University or for immigration and employment purposes.

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Our Services

Ask our advice to secure your UK university admission. We will provide you completely Free Admission Support.

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Meet Our Experienced and Qualified Consultants

Whether you are looking for information on Visa requirements or funding options, you will find all the advice you need here. You will be able to choose your course from the large number of options including English language courses, Foundation Programme, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PHD. Book your free consultation today with our qualified consultants.


What Our Students Say

Aveam nevoie de ajutor pentru ca totul era nou. Study Britania m-a ajutat foarte mult cu toate documentele legate de admitere si finantare.
Christian-Alexandru S.
Student in Business and Management  - LSBM
April 12, 2018
It's an experience I would recommend to all my friends. Larissa was very helpful, available at all times and professional throughout the process.
Anca H.
Student in Business and Management  - Roehampton University
July 05, 2018
Study Britannia was very helpful for completing my CV and the personal statement. They made everything clear and easy for me!
Bryan A.
Student  - Computing and Science
June 28, 2018


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